This page is where you can post any requests and suggestions, up to and including 'stop posting now, you useless fuck'.

Captionable pictures would also be great.


  1. Hey, just wanted to say keep up the good work. I absolutely love the caps and think it is some of the best work i have seen in a long time. Thank you for creating this blog.
    Now that I have sufficiently sucked up, I would love to see a cap dealing with an angry gf turning her bf into a dildo. I look forward to seeing your cap with this classic idea. Thanks again for all the caps

  2. I'll give it a shot. One half-hour, half-arsed caption, coming up.

  3. I love this tire transformation. She should remain on the car in another photo. Love your work. Thank you. My request. Husband is transformed into art, furniture, plant, landscaping, vehichle, or anything around the home. Former wife moves on with a new husband and he must watch from his new vantage point. Occasionally she speaks to him to rub it inthat he wasn't attentive enough to her and that is why this hapopened.

  4. Nice Mass Effect one :)
    Though I would love to see a cap series where a male Commander Shepard ends up in a female body after the Lazarus Project... well, not any body but that of Yeoman Kelly Chambers ^^

  5. Thanks Gugubu. Love your breast implant caption btw. Nice idea about Kelly Chambers. Would probably degenerate into me shoehorning in that video of her doing a lapdance though.

  6. I love your work please make some more when you're up to it.

    Can I advertise my own inanimate transformations blog and forum here.
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    please have a look and join the forum and make a comment on the captioned images