Friday, 4 February 2011

Fembrace the Future

Figure 4.3
Invented by BodySlim in 2015, the Fembrace bodystocking was one of the earliest examples of today's modern bodysuit. While hardly revolutionary in any particular area, the Fembrace effectively combined full-body application of flesh-like padding and corset-like constriction to contour the form of its wearer, and at a reasonable price. Initially aimed at women, the Fembrace quickly gained notoriety for its remarkable ability to stretch and squeeze even male bodies into its svelt, feminine template (Fig 4.3). A number of high profile court cases filed by individuals tricked by males wearing the garments helped to boost its infamy and sales.

The Fembrace II, released in 2018 after years of secretive development, upgraded the original with a seamless design and flesh-coloured outer layer to more accurately mimic human skin (Fig4.4). The suits also contained an experimental voice modulator, and a deep-penetrating ultrasonic feature that semi-liquidated adipose tissue, allowing fat to be permanently redistributed around the body, which was discontinued after a series of health scares.

Though lacking nervous system integration, extradimensional matter displacement, or even a facial covering, the Fembrace was nevertheless the progenitor of all modern bodysuits. Intact originals are a collectors item and have been sold at auction for up to 1,500,000 Credits.

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