Sunday, 6 February 2011

In the doghouse

It doesn't matter how much you beg, George, no means no. You're not sleeping on the bed tonight, or ever again for that matter. It was a nasty trick you pulled using my spell book to swap bodies with the dog without telling me. How did you think I would feel when I found out the man I just had amazing sex with used to be an animal. Did you think I'd laugh?

But you didn't expect that Lucky would make a better husband than you ever were. He's so doting and obediant, and he's even starting to learn a few words. In the bedroom he's loving and caring, not to mention energetic.

And since you can't speak the reversal spell with your dog mouth, that's the way life is going to stay. So be a good boy and go to your kennel. It sounds like Lucky is back from his walk, and I think he's about to get "lucky".

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